Sunstone Risk Solutions is a natural catastrophe risk consultancy that brings an informed, cost-efficient and targeted service to clients exposed to all types of naturally occurring risks.

Sunstone’s experts have the strong scientific and technical knowledge and the deep understanding of the (re)insurance industry that enables us to provide robust solutions to clients regarding the assessment and management of risk from natural catastrophes.

Sunstone enables clients to use the latest scientific knowledge and technological solutions for assessing natural catastrophe risk and to bridge the gaps between available third-party models and their use for (re)insurance purposes.

As a first major project, Sunstone has become GEM’s authorised partner to transfer the science from GEM’s seismic risk models to the (re)insurance industry. Sunstone collaborates with GEM in a direct and transparent manner that will allow for the greatest benefit both to Sunstone’s clients and the GEM foundation. More details of this venture can be found here.